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森岛:by air是什么意思|by air的音标|by air的用

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  by air 基本解释


  by air 反义词

  副词by landby sea

  by air 相关例句


  1. She often travels by air.


  by air 情景对话

  International Trade-Shipping-(国际贸易-运输)

  by air的近义词

  A:Hello, I’m calling from San Francisco for Kevin Lee.


  B:This is Kevin Lee speaking.


  by air什么意思

  A:Hi. This is Helen Parker calling.


  B:Good morning, Helen. What can I do for you?

  早安, 海伦。有什么我能效劳的吗?

  A:Im calling to find out how you would like your order of speakers, by air or by sea?


  B:We need part of that order by next week, so we would like to do a partial air shipment.


  A:How much of it do you want shipped by air?


  B:Wed like to ship half the order by air and the rest by sea.


  by air

  A:OK. Do you want us to use our freight forwarding agent?


  by air的解释

  B:Actually, weve got a freight forwarder over there-China Consolidated. Ill fax you their contact information.


  A:All right. We can deliver that half to your agent tomorrow morning.


  B:That would be great.


  A:Im not sure what the shipping schedule will be for the sea freight.


  B:No hurry. Were not in a big rush for the second half of the order.


  A:All right. Ill let you know the shipping details later and Ill send you the shipping documents by DHL as soon as I get them.

  好的。我稍后再通知你送货细节,我一拿到出货文件就马上用DHL 快递给你。

  B:Very good. Well be expecting to hear from you. And thanks for calling.


  by air 网络解释

  1. by air是什么意思

  1. 乘飞机:现在交通发达,最快的方式就是乘飞机(by air)了. 乘火车(by train)也是一种比较快的方式,和飞机比起来,它还很便宜. 不过你要提前订票(book a ticket),因为假期出行的人很多哦!


  2. 空运:备注:与物流公司共同制作有关货物运输相应的文件及报表并负责出口货物请款与物流公司相互合作并提取空运(by air)、海运(by sea)提单以及快递提单等文件.

  3. 通过航空途径:by accident 偶然 | by air 通过航空途径 | by all means 尽一切办法;一定

  4. 通过航空途径;用无线电:by accident 偶然 | by air 通过航空途径;用无线电 | by all means 尽一切办法,务必

  by air 双语例句

  1. by air的意思

  1. Second, she was bound up and one foot was hung up in the air, only had one foot standing to support her body, third, the master gave her a very tight ball tie to make her learn the extreme taste of Chinese rope bondage, last, she was tortured by traditional Chinese Tiger`s Bench.


  2. So it has the importance to foresee the carrying of water fog by outlet air at design stage.


  3. Let our company help you deal with these complicated issues now, our company is approved by the Chinese Government's lawful operation of international air transport, international shipping, international express professional international logistics services company.


  4. The site, 150 miles into the ice cap from Thule air base, was selected 50 years ago by the US Army Polar Research and Development Center.


  5. by air的翻译

  5. Generally speaking, the pot of Chlorophytum able to absorb one cubic meter of air in 96% of carbon monoxide and 86% formaldehyde, but also photocopiers and other emissions from the decomposition of benzene, which can not be substituted by other plants.


  6. In the electromagnetic field that countercurrent inductor produces, the metal droplet that melts gets the role suspension of electromagnetism force in quartz pipe center and had been heated up continuously. When metal droplet of melting have been heated up certain temperature surface beginning gasification, metal vapor tension will raise follow temperature go up, is heated continuously can have plenty of metal atoms overflow metal ball liquid surface, at the same time, as the inert gas of cooling medium, all along with certain current velocity, sideswipe the metal droplet surface that melts. Metal atoms fly out liquid surface according to certain way form the atom cluster by the condensing of inert air current, merger and the collision between crystal nucleus pellet and atom cluster form the smoke flame of nanoparticle pellet eventually.


  7. This indicates that the ground-to-air missiles deployed at this airport are at least S-300PMU1s, because in the early phase the first batch of these missiles imported from Russia used ST-68UM (36D6) search radar produced by the Ukrainian Iskra Industrial Complex.

  这表明,部署在该机场的防空导弹至少是S - 300PMU1s ,因为早期从俄罗斯进口的首批导弹使用乌克兰军工联合体所产生的- 68UM ( 36D6 )搜索雷达。

  8. In this case, by flashing LEDs at certain times while an object is waved, a message appears in the air.


  9. We see phellem below microscope, it is by by tens of thousands be just as alveolate to do cellular composition, air was filled inside the cell, formed many a airtight gasbag.


  10. The assembly includes a pre-filter (142) covering a lower housing (122), the lower housing including an interior powered air moving assembly (162). The assembly further includes a tower hollow housing (54) located above and supported by the lower housing (122), wherein an adjustable height telescoping structural tube (58) is mounted in the tower hollow housing (54) for vertical positioning and limited rotational positioning.


  11. The transition pressure calculated by the model is much closer than that calculated by the existing model. A modified model of squeeze film air damping is developed for the design of high-aspect-ratio damping holes formed by deep RIE process.


  12. The effects of air drag and oblateness of the earth on relative orbit were derived by simulations under different conditions.


  13. Moved by her fidelity, Zeus sent Hermes to escort the shade of Protesilaus back to the upper air tostay with his wife for three hours.


  14. As a new drilling technology, air drilling has been widely used in field drilling operation due to its superiorities of increasing drilling effectiveness by a big margin, in order to make the comprehensive mud logging meet the needs of air drilling technology, it should be improved and adjusted from the aspects of technics, measures and methods.


  15. The technology of air drilling had improved rapidly with the air drilling was taken into account by the petroleum industry, but excessive formation water, wellbore stability, sulfide formatio...


  16. Even if Beijing has the best intentions of fixing problems such as undrinkable water and unbreathable air, it is often thwarted by hundreds of thousands of party officials with vested interests in the current system.


  17. by air的翻译

  17. You can change pattern width by remote control during painting by controlling center air and horn air independently, resulting in reducing overspray.


  18. And the squeak of the hand-squeezed air horn has been defeated by the loud braying of the modern automobile`s electric horn.


  19. by air

  19. Unlike carotenes, it is toxic in large amounts and is readily destroyed by exposure to heat, light, or air.


  20. Unlike carotenes, it is toxic in large amounts and is readily destroy ed by exposure to heat, light, or air.


  by air 单语例句

  1. The air hummed with the buzz of pilotless drones and the roar of jets, punctuated by the explosions of new airstrikes.

  2. A police spokesman said the horse picked the boy up by the neck with its teeth and threw him into the air several meters.

  3. The first batch of 100 tents will be transported by air to Jordan from Urumqi, capital of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

  4. He arrived from Russia on October 28 by air and went to hospital on Sunday with severe breathing difficulties and other symptoms.

  5. Flown by air from Myanmar, these crabs differ from Chinese ones in that their shells are thinner and more meatier.

  6. He said Chengdu's advantage is its convenient transportation links, especially by air.

  7. A travel agency in India is running a charter flight to watch the eclipse by air.

  8. The number of passengers carried to China by Air France has quadrupled in the last 10 years.

  9. The IT products were transported by air from China to Cambodia on June 4, as part of the inauguration of the National Assembly's new office building.

  10. He insisted Lu send the products by air as they were needed urgently, promising payment soon after.